Get Involved


Join our PTA

1.  Your child benefits

The PTA is an Important part of OUR school and helps to   enrich YOUR child’s school experience. 

Our recent fundraising has provided I Pads, interactive screens for classrooms, Accelerated reader programme,  a play therapist, playground markings, shelters in the field, cover for the swimming pool, Spanish lessons and revamping the lower school toilets

2.  To make a difference

As well as fundraising, the PTA organises events which add so much to OUR children’s school experience. 

In the past the PTA have organised school discos, Easter egg hunts, Santa’s grotto, Summer fayre, bingo and quiz nights..etc

3.  We have FUN

Being part of the PTA is a fun and rewarding experience. We host fantastic events where parents can get together and make new friendships.

Our Popular Barmy Bingo and legendary quiz are fantastic social evenings as well as raising valuable funds for OUR school.

4.  Make friends

  Many new friendships develop from being part of the PTA team.

 Volunteering your time and working towards a common goal is a rewarding experience.

5.  Feel Involved

Every parent or carer is welcome to attend our PTA meetings and events. 

It’s a great way to feel involved in the school, help make decisions and make some good friends too.

It’s really rewarding and our kids like to get involved too.

6. Create lasting memories

 Our children are only at primary school for a few years, but they will remember the difference we make for a lifetime. They will cherish the activities and games we organised and fund, learn using resources we buy and remember the events we hold.

7. Giving a Helping Hand - Keeping our PTA

We realise that every parent is busy so we welcome job sharing roles in the PTA, our ethos here is everyone does a little, so that no one has to do a lot!   Sharing is Caring

In 2016 we nearly lost our school PTA. As parents move on from the school, the PTA needs new parents (even if you are unable to attend meetings).  No ones help will be refused even if you can only help out at one event a year, we simply can’t do it without YOU...

So to Join in the fun or to find out when our next meeting is see our events page

OR  you can join us on our Facebook page “North Lancing Primary PTA”